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When calling on GPMG for an autopsy your case is never referred to anyone else and our service is always as close to instant as possible. GPMG has a strong relationship with leading USC and UCLA Medical Center professionals who are available for Hematopathology, Pulmonary Pathology, Cardiovascular Pathology, Liver Pathology and Pediatric Pathology consultations. Through the actions of this well-established and coordinated team of professionals every detail of an autopsy is carefully and accurately documented. No questions go unanswered and findings are as conclusive as the state of the medical arts allow.

Decades of experience and professional expertise are only the beginning of the unique quality of service offered by GPMG. Compassion, courtesy and personalized attention are at the heart of our mission to serve. When you call to learn the progress of autopsy proceedings you will always have the same person to talk to - someone you can contact at any time, night or day, who knows your case from the outset, and who has followed its progress and can explain in laymen's terms the ongoing status of the case and any findings. The commitment continues well beyond the autopsy itself as needed right up to the final report.

GPMG also believes in respecting the inherent difficulties families experience at such times and therefore offer all autopsy and related services at very reasonable cost with no compromise in service level.

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