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GPMG is a professional group of pathologists offering a complete range of pathology services. All cases are administered directly by GPMG and each is given a customer service contact who is on call to keep you informed of progress, findings and other details, anytime day or night. Our full range of services to include the following:

Private/Medical Autopsies. When the family desires a fully independent examination of the cause and manner of death GPMG professionals are ready to assist you. This procedure will answer questions concerning acquired and inherited diseases, so as to assist the family in finding closure for the loss of their loved one, and to assist the surviving family members with their own healthcare maintenance. The family will receive a comprehensive written report including gross and microscopic examination.

Forensic Autopsies. Fully independent autopsies providing the cause and manner of death with medical- legal consultation to families and attorneys, forensic photography, preservation of toxicology samples and appropriate medical record review. This includes a comprehensive report with a gross and microscopic examination, and in addition, the report will assist the family in finding closure for the loss of their loved one and will answer questions concerning acquired and inherited diseases.

Exhumation Autopsies. A complete Private or Forensic Autopsy providing cause and manner of death.

Second Observer Autopsies. GPMG professionals are often asked to represent the interests of the family when the Coroner or Medical Examiner has ordered an autopsy on their loved one. A GPMG physician will attend and observe the Coroner/Medical Examiner autopsy and then prepare an independent comprehensive report to include gross and microscopic examination.

Re-autopsy. When the Coroner/Medical Examiner has already performed an autopsy, or an autopsy has been performed in a hospital, families often seek a re-examination or re-autopsy to ensure an independent opinion. GPMG professionals are ready to provide this service with an independent comprehensive autopsy report to include gross and microscopic examination.

Toxicology Services. Testing of blood, urine, body fluids or tissues for illicit and prescription drugs in determining the cause and manner of death.

Neuropathology Services. Post-mortem neurological examination of the central and peripheral nervous system for diagnosis and confirmation of such diseases as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, etc., by a Board Certified Neuropathologist.

Genetic Counseling. Counseling families regarding inheritable diseased processes.

Autopsy Report and Medical Record Review. Providing medical opinion on standard of care, correct diagnosis, adequacy of care, and cause and manner of death. GPMG has qualified clinical experts with forensic experience to provide opinions on the standard of care and correlate the clinical and autopsy findings.

Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death Investigation. GPMG fact-finding research can help determine if cause and manner of death circumstances suggest possible medical malpractice. We can do a complete autopsy for your client or review the autopsy results if an autopsy has already been done by the hospital or Medical Examiner/coroner.

Crime Scene Investigation. Expert independent investigations are conducted to answer the most important questions. GPMG has experienced, seasoned private investigators who are ready to assist when needed.

Expert Medical Opinion Services. GPMG pathologists are experts in deposition and trial testimony for both civil and criminal cases, having extensive experience in each.

Complete Case Management and Final Outcome. GPMG assigns a manager to follow your case from beginning to end. The case manager will ensure the autopsy findings are fully explained and all questions are answered.


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