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In the unrelenting succession of events that compose a life, the unexpected or unexplained death is a most vital issue to resolve. Only then can the survivors achieve the comfort and reassurance they need to close the book on the life once lived.

Glenoaks Pathology Medical Group provides accurate, high quality services to the funeral industry, private families, and the legal community nationwide and internationally. GPMG professional staff have a diverse and extensive background with more than 21,000 autopsy experiences and 64 years of collective experience in performing autopsies and crime scene investigations. Our pathologists are board certified in anatomic, clinical, forensic, and neuropathology. It is no wonder GPMG services are sought for not only their expert forensic skills and testimony, but for their compassion and respect for the deceased and their families during what is often a very emotional and vulnerable period.

It is important to note that there is a common need among family members and loved ones to understand the cause for an unexplainable death, although high technology procedures are an alternative for families declining the autopsy for religious or other reasons. Recent published medical research reaffirms that the autopsy still provides the most concise and precise final answer.

Today, only about 6% of non-forensic hospital deaths are autopsied. The number is far lower for deaths in the general community. The reasons for this are generally economic, technical and sometimes even fear. Other reasons for such low autopsy rates include:

  • Most health insurers will not pay for medical or forensic autopsies.
  • Fearing malpractice claims, doctors may fail to recommend or ask for autopsies.
  • Although sophisticated diagnostic imaging tools can answer specific questions, this does not replace a thorough and complete autopsy.

It has been demonstrated that in 30% or more of cases, the clinical diagnosis of the living patient and the true cause of death, based on post-mortem examination have been at odds. Clearly, the autopsy is a unique and valuable resource for determining the truth.

A complete autopsy can determine the cause and circumstances surrounding a death. It can right a wrong or confirm a suspicion. It can put to rest unfounded feelings of guilt or provide evidence for legal action.

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